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I have been working with my trainer for three months. I have lost four dress sizes, and am finally able to wear sleeveless tops without being embarassed about the back of my arms. Thanks!

~ Amy N. , Attourney

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My personal trainer is the best Christmas gift my husband ever got me!

~ Pattie S. , stay at home mom

My back used to hurt every day. It used to be hard to get out of bed sometimes. My personal trainer taught me that the problem wasn't so much in my back, but in my weak abs and my tight hamstrings. We worked on these issues, and within about six weeks, my back pain had disappeared!

~ Sam R., Real Estate Broker
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Every time I went on a diet, I lost weight, but it always came back, and more and more every time. I learned that when I lost it all with a diet, I was also wrecking my metabolism at the same time. Now I'm eating right AND exercising, and I've lost FAT, not just weight. I'm down 37 pounds and I have kept it off for over two years.

~ Lori A., Marketing Consultant

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I wanted to look good for my wedding, so I pulled out all the stops. I hired a personal trainer three times per week. I knew my wedding pictures would only be taken once, and I'd have to live with that forever. By the time my big day arrived, I had to have my dress re-sized six times. It cost a fortune, but I didn't care. Everyone kept telling me how great I looked, and I knew they weren't just saying that. I lost 43 pounds in less than six months. I'm now tighter and more toned that I was when I was a teenager.

~ Angela W., Software Engineer

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I was never able to lose the weight after my first two babies. After the third (and LAST!) I decided to do it right. I have a personal trainer come right to my house, so I have no excuses. We just push my couch aside for an hour and go to work. She brings everything we need. The weight is coming off just fine now (17 pounds gone, about 13 more to go.

~ Kerry L., stay at home mom

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I travel all the time. I needed a program I could take on the road with me, and do with very little equipment. My trainer designed an easy to remember workout that is actually fun to do. Now I can work out anytime, anywhere, using just bodyweight calisthenics. And it's working great! I feel better at 52 than I did at 30!

~ Craig B., Owner, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co.

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